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Sagurare Otome Episode 1 English Subbed [Uncen]

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Information 2 months AGO
Sagurare Otome Episode 1 English Subbed [Uncen]

Series: Sagurare Otome, Uncensored

Synopsis: Yuzuki is a girl who works in a massage room and it is her last day of work since she moved to live together with her fiancé, her usual client is Horii an older man who on his last day of Yuzuki asks for an extra service , However Yuzuki only accept to be photographed, since she will receive an extra payment, once Yuzuki and Koshikawa (their fiancé) live together they occur the problems between them since Koshikawa for a long time in the work, one day Koshikawa returns with a companion Of the work that is its superior, nevertheless Yuzuki will take a surprise to see that person was Horii its old client, Horii took advantage of that Koshikawa is drunk and asleep, to demonstrate the hidden and perverted side that has Yuzuki ....

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