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Cool Devices Episode 10 English Subbed

( Subbed ) Gounlimited Gdvid Mirror 3Yorum yap

Information 3 years AGO
Cool Devices Episode 10 English Subbed

Series: Cool Devices, Uncensored

Synopsis: Masaki is on a train, dreaming of a woman he has never met. When he wakes up, he finds that his belongings have been stolen and that he is stranded. Masaki follows the woman who stole his things, which takes him to his mansion, where he lives with a group of other women. Masaki stays the night and soon realizes that he has come across an S & M situation. The older woman is the owner of the house and the younger women are his slaves. This leads to his voyeuristic observation of various sexual acts, before engaging in sex with several of the residents.

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